Onemedia are delighted to officially announce their partnership with Pronestor to enhance their innovative visual communication and workspace solutions.

Pronestor have been in the business of workplace technologies for over 20 years, empowering organisations with intelligent resource management solutions designed to improve the smart workplace user experience.

Pronestor’s suite of workplace management products including desk, visitor and meeting room management complement both onemedia’s current wayfinding offering and Reserva meeting room signs, aligning with the future company vision. We are excited to provide customers with the tools to optimise workplace management with solutions to ensure that the journey through the office from reception to desk or meeting room is seamless .

“This is an exciting partnership, and we look forward to introducing Pronestor’s range of products to our partners in the very near future”

Chris Wood, Sales Director, onemedia

“onemedia for the last few years have been successfully delivering wayfinding solutions to a range of global brands including Virgin, Elekta and Landsec to name a few. The new partnership with Pronestor now brings us desk, visitor and room management which is also complementary to the existing meeting room signs with Reserva. The new onemedia ‘Workplace Management Solution’ powered by Pronestor will enhance the user experience for existing and new end users in these once uncertain, but now exciting times“

Tyson Reed, MD, onemedia

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