Dynamic content delivers informative and engaging messaging at Aviva impressive Head Office reception area

Aviva is the UK’s largest insurance company with over 15 million customers in the UK, and taking over 10 million calls per year, helping to protect £490 billion worth of assets for 33 million customers worldwide in Europe, Asia and Canada.

Aviva’s iconic headquarters at the prestigious St Helens in Central London is a 23-storey, 387ft skyscraper which recently underwent a significant period of refurbishment of its existing reception area and meeting rooms. As part of this refurbishment, Aviva upgraded the digital signage system for its existing two 7x4m 4K LED screens in the reception area. These were designed to create a significant impact with eye-catching and dynamic content to inform and engage visitors and employees on arrival in the offices. These screens are highly prominent and could also be publicly viewed from the outside of the building.

Project objectives

To facilitate a content-led approach to their digital signage and help to create maximum visual impact, Aviva recruited the services of onemedia, digital design specialists in dynamic content creation. Aviva’s objectives were to display engaging video messages to staff and visitors, as well as passing public. This allowed them to present a mixture of messages covering their commitment to corporate social responsibility, sustainability as well as the Aviva investment approach and philosophy. Additionally, real-time customisable content such as local transport information, weather, news, share prices and social media feeds were brought to life with animation delivering engaging and useful information to the screen with minimal management.

Onemedia designed, developed and delivered this content within a short time scale, having recommended Aviva migrated to the ONELAN cloud-based digital signage platform to facilitate Aviva’s functionality requirements and rapid project delivery times.

Project delivery using ONELAN platform

Utilising ONELAN’s leading signage platform also gave Aviva a significant level of control and flexibility over the content, including how often it was updated, how it was displayed, customisation options and permission settings. Unlike their previous digital signage solution, Aviva was able to edit content directly from the Content Management System (CMS), which they’d previously been unable to do as they had no direct access to upload or manage media themselves. They also had the added reassurance of ONELAN’s 24/7 enterprise Linux based reliability, backed by online fallback players in the architecture, giving them additional confidence in the resilience of their deployment.   

Using the ONELAN Net-Top-Box players (NTB-4K-1000F-S) and ONELAN CMS, Aviva is now able to simply and seamlessly manage updates, with a significant level of control over the content. The ONELAN solution is robust, flexible and scalable so can easily be upgraded and enhanced in the future. Already under consideration, is the opportunity to roll out to localised Aviva sites, continuing to build on the strong working relationship forged between ONELAN, onemedia and Aviva.

“Our specialty is dynamic content like social media. This helps minimise ongoing content production for the business, with content updating automatically from their source social media activity and live travel and news feeds. We were privileged to work on such a prestigious videowall installation for Aviva and look forward to expand the network of delivery of internal visual communications across the wider business.”

Tyson Reed
Managing Director

“We’ve had a stream of positive comments on how fantastic our new reception space creating a real ‘wow’ factor. Onemedia and ONELAN were both highly responsive and able to deliver the final project within a short timeframe. We’re delighted to have worked with them and look forward to continuing our working relationship.”


“We’re delighted to have been involved in such an impressive project and delighted that the end-result has been so well received. Adopting the ONELAN CMS has ensured Aviva is able to constantly update and refresh the content and we’re pleased they’re taking advantage of all its unique features for this impressive project and look forward to working with them in the future.”

Tyson Reed
Managing Director

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