onemedia delivers Datapath’s first Aetria control room solution in the UK

onemedia have recently completed the first UK based installation of Datapath’s Aetria control room solution in the showroom of a software house located in Derby.

Aetria brings all the elements of control room design, management, control and monitoring into a single solution, allowing users to design systems to meet a wide set of requirements, including connectivity, video walls, workstations and source management.

Designed to make content sharing easy for operators, plus easy to control, manage and secure for administrators. It manages the underlying technology enabling users to focus on their primary objectives.

The objective

The company required a robust and efficient control room solution for distributed data processing and analytics.

The nature of the software being demonstrated meant that it was important for customers to see how multiple sources can be used to deliver real-time control and management.

The solution should highlight how the software can be used to minimise the impact of issues by facilitating real-time command, enabling swift responses and extracting powerful predictive analytics.

It was also necessary for the solution to be reliable ensuring uninterrupted operations.

The solution

Aetria was the perfect fit, putting the power in the hands of the sales team at their software demo facility. By improving the scalability, performance, and reliability of large-scale data-driven applications Aetria enabled the end user to extract valuable insights from their data in real-time.

The architecture of Aetria is based on a distributed model, where the processing and storage resources are distributed across multiple nodes in a network. This allows for parallel processing and high-speed data transfers, enabling real-time analysis of massive datasets. One of the key features of Aetria is its ability to efficiently handle data movement and processing. It incorporates advanced techniques for data compression, partitioning, and caching, which reduce the amount of data transferred across the network, minimize latency, and optimize resource utilization.

Furthermore, Datapath’s Aetria control room solution incorporates a fault-tolerant and scalable design. It can dynamically adapt to changing network conditions and handle failures by redistributing the workload and maintaining data consistency. This ensures uninterrupted operations and high availability of services, even in the presence of failures.

“This installation is a landmark project for both onemedia and Datapath as it was the first Aetria deployment in the UK and has been a springboard for further projects.   After gaining our Aetria platinum partner accreditation from Datapath in 2022 we have been working with our channel partners to develop opportunities for Aetria and the command and control sector continues to be an area of significant growth for onemedia. 

Due to this growth we have recruited additional technical resource meaning that we can work with our channel partners from the outset of any Video Wall project where a technical specification is created, all the way through to the commissioning and delivery of the solution”.

Will Hetherington
Technical Director, onemedia

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