Extended Warranty Information
Extended Warranty and Support Services
Datapath, in conjunction with Red Solutions, can offer added value services including extended warranties, on-site training, on-site commissioning and annual service visits. providing your clients with peace of mind post-purchase.  Extended warranties and support services must be added to your Datapath products at the time of purchase. Cover can be provided for 3 or 5 years.


Advanced Replacement Policy
Datapath offer an advanced replacement policy on its graphics cards, capture cards and multi-display devices (Fx4, Hx4). This service is available for an additional 10% fee on each card or device. This is an available option on new systems and should be arranged up-front at the time of initial purchase. The policy is valid for the same length of time as the warranty period. The standard warranty period is 3 years.


Extended Warranty
An extended warranty up to 5 years may be purchased, on certain products, at the time of initial purchase. Please contact your Red Solutions’ Account Manager for more information and pricing.


Problem Reporting Procedure
If you encounter any problems with your installed Datapath device you should first contact Red Solutions/Datapath Support using the standard methods (Email, Web or Phone) and follow the instructions provided by the support team. This will allow us to determine if the device is at fault or if there is another underlying issue that we can assist you in resolving. If we determine your device is faulty and requires a replacement, Datapath will issue you with an RMA number and check the device’s serial number is in the Advanced Replacement Scheme. At this stage we endeavour to ship out your replacement card within 1 working day. Upon receipt of the replacement card you will be expected to return the faulty device, at Datapath’s cost, using the prepaid postage information and packaging provided. The device should be returned within 28 days of receipt or you risk being charged for the replacement*. If any further issues are encountered, you should work with the Datapath support team to progress these. This policy covers only Datapath graphics cards, capture cards and multi-display devices (Fx4, Hx4) as per our standard warranty terms. * Each replacement card will be accompanied by an invoice; these invoices will not be acted upon unless we fail to receive the card back within the 28 days outlined above.

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