onemedia Pay-As-You-Go

From initial design and planning of your screen design, through to ongoing production and management of your content, each of our creative or technical services can be used individually or as part of a combined package tailored to your exact requirements.

There are many factors involved when estimating project costs for ongoing design and content production. Each customer has bespoke project requirements and an animated advert design for one customer compared to that of another can vary wildly. If you’ve sourced creative work before you’ll already understand the costs involved can be very unique, based on the brief you’re able to provide and taking into consideration possible scope creep. At onemedia we’ve put PAYG in place to make it simple and flexible for you to budget for both one-off or ongoing projects.

PAYG Benefits

  • Use the time for any service - design, content production & onsite consultation, training and/or technical support
  • Reduce overheads by outsourcing to experts
  • Rely upon our professional expertise for content production, that really works, and is designed to meet your signage requirements
  • Free up time for your staff to concentrate on their main role.

Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG)

We initially establish which services, and which level of service is required. It could be a single screen design with an animated video or it could be an ongoing relationship with quarterly updates of various content. After defining the brief, we’ll advise the best PAYG option for your requirements. Our PAYG options include:

  • PAYG10 - 10 hrsPOA
  • PAYG20 - 20 hrsPOA
  • PAYG30 - 30 hrsPOA
  • PAYG40 - 40 hrsPOA
  • PAYG50 - 50 hrsPOA
  • PAYG100 - 100 hrsPOA
  • PAYG200 - 200 hrsPOA

Top-up payments

For those individual projects that require more time than usual, Top-up payments allow you to use your existing PAYG hours to accommodate the budgeted and planned regular workload, but rely on a Top-up payment for that unexpected project.

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