Our commissioning service is a comprehensive service that tailors your digital signage platform specifically to fit your organisation’s structure and usage requirements.


Our support team will pre-configure your hardware with your network settings and any additional details, such as player local information, prior to delivery.

Basic commissioning

Once installed, we can assist with getting your media players on the network and your digital signage up and running ensuring that the correct content is displayed on the right screens.

Advanced commissioning

Ideally suited for medium – large-sized networks with numerous departments and localised content owners our advanced commissioning service customises your CMS specifically to your organisation’s requirements.

Customised set-up to manage your digital signage network with ease

Modifies the more complex features of the CMS necessary for large networks with a straightforward user work flow

Ensures targeted content relevant to the audience by maximising the benefit of localised content functionality

Internal time and resource savings

Simplified interface for local content owners to ensure easy organisation, upload and publishing of content and reduce user error

Facilitates the timely turnaround of content so that the audience are kept up to date with the latest information

A consultative approach to ensure a tailored system set-up according to user case requirements

Recommendations based upon our in-house experience

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