Control Apps

Simple, yet powerful control for digital signage content

The onemedia Control App enhances standard circular playlists with advanced playback control, to enable users simple, yet powerful control over their digital signage content. The Control App is a self hosted App on your ONELAN CMS or Publisher, accessible via PC, phone and tablet internet browsers. Additionally you can display the Control App on ONELANs Integrated Player Displays for locked down applications.

Schedule control

Override default schedules, changing screen layouts from a single button press

On demand content

Trigger specific content within any zone from a single button press

Network control

Simply target one player or unlimited players to control content across the network

Video wall control

Control multiple screens in multi-player video wall configurations

TV channel control

Change the channel of IPTV streams within multi-zoned signage

Time counter

Countdown timers for product launches, special events, break/lunch times. Create countup timers, such as ‘Time since last incident’ counters

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