Campus Communications – Easy to manage communication to keep your students, staff and visitors well informed

Student communications

We understand the challenges of effective campus-wide communication. With the sheer amount of information available to students together with the vast size of campuses and the number of departments and faculties within them, a powerful, easy to manage communication platform is key. Students are more digitally engaged than any other demographic, it’s easy to see why digital signage and touch interactivity is the most effective method of getting your message across campus.

Videowalls in reception and break out areas

Eyecatching video walls in areas where students and visitors congregate provide an ideal opportunity to communicate important news, messages and campus information.

Interactive touch solutions

Interactive hubs located at key points throughout campus can provide students with convenient access to the latest news and upcoming events. Simple navigation around the campus with interactive wayfinding can help students to be at the right place at the right time.

Reduction in the overwhelming amount of information available to students by using timely, targeted content in relevant locations

Effective communication across campus helps to improve student wellbeing by encouraging engagement and connection to the community

The variety of media types that can be displayed on digital signage such as video, image and animation catches the attention of the audience.

Students are kept up to date as new content is quickly uploaded and published.

Simple digital communication content management

Use one content management system to target communications across the whole campus and to individual faculties and departments at specific times.

Easy content management – departmental users set up to manage local content

Emergency message overrides – ensure that important messages are communicated campus-wide as soon as possible

Increase student engagement and participation in events and organisations

Efficiency and cost savings – one content management system to be used across the whole of the campus

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