Utilise digital signage to communicate effectively with staff and visitors in corporate environments

Internal communications

The benefits of a strong communication strategy within the workplace are well documented. Digital signage provides a simple, cost effective communication platform that is a flexible and engaging way of communicating your message to staff.

Effective communication of important information including training, safety and company statistics

Boost morale, motivate staff and improve company culture with company achievements, staff awards and details of upcoming social events

Reinforce your brand values and company message

Provide staff with useful information via dynamic signage apps including, travel information, weather forecasts, and social media updates

Keep staff updated and engaged with information on the latest services and products using interactive solutions

Easy to manage and update with features that enable time sensitive and location-specific content

External communications

Digital signage has become an increasingly important part of external communication strategies. It is a highly effective way of connecting with your audience, communicating your brand message and company news.

Make visitors feel welcome by creating personalised messages to greet them

Provide useful information to visitors via dynamic apps such as travel information, weather forecasts and social media apps

Strengthen PR and share your company message, news and achievements

Improve the visitor experience with interactive solutions including wayfinding

Measure and analyse audience engagement

Reach out to potential new customers with targeted promotions and increase revenue

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