Display real-time travel information on your digital signage

onemedia live travel information for digital signage

Whether the goal is to provide your staff with real-time tube updates to inform their choice for the journey home or to enhance the customer experience by providing at-a-glance rail and bus departures, we can help.

Our travel information apps include National Rail Departures, TfL Tube Status, TfL Tube Departures and Bus Arrivals. We have delivered bespoke solutions that have provided Park and Ride data and accommodated GPS asset tracking for location-based content.

Travel Dashboard - Multiple travel services at-a-glance on one screen

Our popular travel dashboard provides the audience with real-time travel updates at a glance. Designed to adhere to brand guidelines, it can be used in rotation with additional layout designs or scheduled to show at the end of the day when staff are leaving the office.

Departure Board - Live travel information for digital signage

Our Departure Board is used to show real-time National Rail and Bus Departures to provide visitors with a clear visual of the information needed to plan their journey. It is often used in retail environments to enhance the customer experience.

Asset tracking

We can help you keep track of your assets with live mapping. All managed from a clear and simple interface.

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