Desk, room, visitor booking & management solutions combined with wayfinding and visual communications to work, meet and communicate to your staff and visitors. Enhance smart workspace optimisation with our end-to-end suite of solutions used independently or as a complete solution.

Empower employees to choose where they work improving overall wellbeing

Improve workspace efficiencies, review and enhance the use of resources and space

Save admin time by adopting more efficient and flexible procedures

Implement a flexible working experience with latest technologies

Enhance company image and reinforce brand and message through digital signage

Effective planning of safe and socially distanced workspaces using max capacity features

Room booking & management

A complete room booking solution integrated with your calendaring system. Book rooms with the resources required and catering you need easily from your smartphone or web user interface.

Desk booking & management

Designed to facilitate flexible working and improve the workplace experience. A simple interface, easy to use to quickly search for and book a desk that fits your needs. A smart desk device can sit on the desk with lights to indicate if the desk is available or booked. QR codes can be used for a cost effective approach

Visitor management

Create a positive image of your company by greeting visitors with an efficient, user-friendly system and reduce administrative resource with our visitor management solution.

Wayfinding: Mapping & directional signage

Guide visitors and staff to easily find their destination or services with our digital wayfinding options. Book resources via a floor map of the workplace for an enhanced user experience.

Mobile and UI App for booking & mapping

Convenient and flexible booking options enable you to find a suitable desk or room via room name, desk code or map on our mobile or UI app. Book in advance from home before your visit to the workplace

Visual communications

Professional content and management services, dynamic content apps and interactive solutions help you to connect with your audience, provide important information and clearly communicate your message on your digital signage and video walls.

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