At onemedia we are fortunate to represent some of the leading brands in the industry and are very proud of our relationship with each of them. In this edition of Partner Spotlight we focus on Tripleplay, manufacturer of ONELAN digital signage and Reserva meeting room signs. Whilst we have had a strong relationship with ONELAN over the last 20 years, we have recently joined the Tripleplay team and agree with Tim, it feels like we have been a team forever. We too are very much looking forward to what the future holds…

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your role at Tripleplay…

Hi.  I’m Tim Hoddy, currently VP Sales- Europe for Tripleplay. I’m really grateful to have had a decade long career at Tripleplay. I’ve always been in a client facing sales role, which is great because I love engaging with end users, partners and other team members. Being involved in discussions around how our technology can help people communicate more effectively is a very cool thing, and thanks to Tripleplay’s amazing client base I get to do this on a daily basis with a great mix of people from all over the world.

What makes Tripleplay products stand out in the market?

Well, this is the world of Tripleplay so I guess good things should always come in 3’s.  With this in mind I would say…

  • We have always listened to our clients. The products are what they are today based on a close working relationship with end users and partners, making sure we deliver what the market needs.
  • We love to innovate. I think one of the main reasons our clients choose Tripleplay is our ability to bring innovative products and features to market in a simple, easy to deploy way. Being primarily software based helps with this and we have a fantastic engineering team developing the platform.
  • We are very scalable. As an example, the market is swamped with digital signage platforms, we have been able to stand out for many years being able to deliver more than ‘just signage’ with IPTV, video streaming and room booking being just part of the solution. Being part of the Uniguest group is giving us access to even more innovative technology all the time and we see the market likes being able to speak to a global vendor who can offer a range of enterprise grade technology whatever their requirement.

What’s your favourite Tripleplay project to date?

Over 10 years there is a lot to choose from! We talk a lot about how our technology can help organisations communicate more effectively by distributing video and digital media. Seeing our clients embrace this and come up with cool ideas is amazing to see, and it’s sometimes the little things that make the biggest difference.

We have football club in the UK who use the signage and IPTV screens to show ‘Goal of the Week’ clips of local teams before the match. Fans feel connected to the team because of this and come to the ground early to see the show reel. They get a better matchday experience and the club gets to generate more revenue whilst building a loyal fan base, its win-win.

The good thing is we have so many examples of other sectors using digital media similar ways.

The pandemic has accelerated the change towards agile working, how can Tripleplay products assist this?

Without wanting to sound like a broken record I think the fact we can help many different organisations communicate and engage with their employees/visitors/fans/guests in a more effective way is critical.

Before the pandemic technologies like digital signage and video streaming were seen as nice to have technology. We are now seeing a lot of organisations realising this is essential, especially as things open and there is mix of remote and office-based working. The fact we can deliver a message to a big screen in a building  or to people remotely on a laptop or mobile device is a very interesting proposition. We have seen a number of our existing clients extending adding to their estate in areas of their business they otherwise didn’t think signage was needed. Along with this we are seeing a number of new clients coming to us all the time with new use cases due to the need for agile working.

Across the Tripleplay brands it’s fantastic to be able to offer a solution to our end users no matter what their requirement is. Our growing portfolio is just another reason why end users like to engage with us.

What would we be surprised to learn about you?

I used to have a picture of Chris Wood on my dartboard at home! 😀

If I wasn’t spending my days getting enthusiastic about Tripleplay technology I would love to be a script writer for Coronation Street, and yes I’m being serious. In fact I once had a bizarre night out in Manchester when I accidently gate-crashed the Coronation Street casts’ Christmas party and ended up staying.

The best thing about working with onemedia is…

Well, there can only be one answer to this… working with the people! Since Tripleplay and ONELAN came together it’s been fantastic to get to know the onemedia team better. Their AV industry knowledge and passion for delivering solutions is really infectious and it feels like we have been a team forever. I’m really looking forward to the future as both onemedia and Tripleplay continue to evolve. It’s an exciting time for us and our clients and I can’t wait to keep pushing the envelope in terms of solutions for the market.

"onemedia's AV industry knowledge and passion for delivering solutions is really infectious and it feels like we have been a team forever. I'm really looking forward to the future as both onemedia and Tripleplay continue to evolve."