Samsung Flip has all the tools and simplified processes needed to create interactive and productive meetings. Learn more about how to enhance workspace collaboration and change the dynamics of your meetings with Flip.

  1. Collaboration

Flip can facilitate quick and easy note taking in brainstorming sessions, enhancing recording ideas by text, illustrations, or annotating documents. Easily switch between pen colours and size and pull up past meetings notes to continue the conversation and update actions. Furthermore, meeting engagement is increased by the ability for multiple people to write on the screen at any one time.

  1. Presentations

Flip is not only an interactive whiteboard but a fully functioning digital display. Enhance your presentations and increase the engagement of your audience by not only running through your presentation deck but displaying images, drawings and video in up to 4K resolution. Once the presentation is over flip from landscape to portrait to follow up with notes and feedback.

  1. Sharing

Meeting attendees can easily share files on Flip from other devices, connected via HDMI, wireless screen mirroring, USB or near-field communication (NFC). Pushing visuals to the Flip means that they can either be shown full screen or in a window amongst other content allowing material to be shown in an optimal way for engagement. Samsung Workspace allows users to remotely connect PCs to a Flip, meaning a networked PC can stay at a desk while being used for the meeting. A password-based protection system safeguards meeting details and ensures that only approved users can access the information.

  1. Distribution

Sharing meeting notes and information is an important follow up to any meeting. With Flip you can quickly save content on its central storage and share with colleagues via email or save to a USB drive or other external sources. Meeting attendees can also instantly download the meeting notes/annotations to their mobile devices.

  1. Flexibility

Whether wall-mounted in a meeting room or on a movable stand, Samsung have the Flip model suitable for your creative and productive office meetings. For example, a 55” on Samsung’s sleek wheel-based stand is part of an integrated design and lets users easily start a meeting in any location, at any time.

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