Datapath were hosts to an Aetria training course at their Derby Headquarters this month, attended by John and Will. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the control room solution furthering the team’s knowledge in this area. We welcome the opportunity to broaden our expertise in the solutions that we offer, allowing us to provide up to date support to our resellers and customers.

Aetria is Datapath’s solution for the complete design, management, operation and monitoring of control rooms. By connecting workstations, video walls and content, Aetria gives system integrators the freedom to design and deploy the right solution, while enabling operators to focus solely on their core objectives.

Brought to the market to meet the needs for the growing complexity in control room environments. It is as suitable for modest control rooms as it is to large, multi-source and multi-site organizations – able to design, manage and monitor entire systems from a single interface.

If you would like more information on how we can help you with your control room project, please get in touch.